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Ray Johnson / George Brecht
If you want a little historical bulk in your rubberstamp diet, I have a 
Ray Johnson note dated 01.29.63 to George Brecht. REJ has written 
names for speakers, for George to fill in, & GB has stamped pictures 
or other signs (T; N; =) as the responses. George’s (characteristics) 
brilliance here has been to use rubberstamps, & then to use his 
fingerprint like a rubberstamp. His finger-paint as a rubberstamp 
constructs an overflow of meanings. The history of finger-paints 
as information, clues, etc., intersects a painting that Matisse seems
 to have signed with his fingerprint. Anyways I could provide 
copies for your book, if such a fork in the road isn’t a knife in
 your heart.
Ray refers to Simone Forti as Simone Morris (temporarily married 
to Robert Morris).
Dorothy Podber is the woman who shot the “shot Marilyns” of 
Andy Warhol. Norman Solomon could tell you about her.

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