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George Maciunas: Passport Photographs
By Peter Moore
When George Maciunas was planning his final trip to Europe in 1976 to 
participate in the New York-Downtown Manhattan; Soho festival at the 
Akademie der Kunste in Berlin, Germany. He turned to his friend Peter 
Moore, the Fluxus “photographer of record,” for his passport photographs.
Although best known as a photographer of performances, Moore photographed
 Maciunas in his 30th Street studio, located in the basement of his house. 
It was one of his rare studio photographic shoots. The three rubber stamps
 in the boxed set are taken from one of several contact sheets produced 
during the session.
The studio shoot took on aspects of a performance. In a playful mood and
 comforted by an old friend and able photographer. Maciunas mugged, joked,
 and began gesturing with his hands. A digit up his nose, index fingers stretching 
his mouth into a smile, thumbs in his ear: Maciunas was enacting the definition 
of Fluxus, “u fusion of Spike Jones, gags, games, vaudeville, Cage and Duchamp.”
Photographs © the Estate of Peter I. Moore. Used by permission.
Concept and Design: Picasso Gaglione. Text: John Held, Jr. Production:
 Diana Mars and Stephen Caravello Special thanks: Barbara Moore.

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