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Ken Friedman: Faux Fluxus / West Edition
The Fluxus/West rubber stamp was designed by German artist Wolfgang Feelisch in 1970 as a gift for his American friend, 
Fluxus artist Ken Friedman. Along with Fluxus Zone West by Joseph Beuys and the Cavellini Communication Cow, it has 
become one of the most widely reproduced rubber stamps in international mail art networking. Like the other two, 
Fluxus/West has also been widely impacted, punned upon, and transformed by such artists as Don Boyd (Fluxus West/Dakotas), 
Tommy Mew (Fluxus West/Southeast), Al Souza (Fluxus/Northeast), and David Mayor (Fluxus West/England), in the best 
tradition of mail art collaborative interplay. After two decades, Fluxus/West is still being altered by networking artists in 
Belgium (Luce Fiernes) and Canada (Ed Varney). The original Fluxus/West stamp designed by Feelisch, using the X Friedman 
used to symbol communication became closely identified with Friedman himself as an artist. It’s growth and diffusion as an 
image are closely linked with Friedman’s connection with Fluxus, his familiarity with Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence
 School of Art, and the emerging amalgam of networking artists in the seventies, which Friedman himself played a major part 
in cross-pollinating.
This limited edition box set was published in conjunction with the exhibition, Ken Friedman: Fluxus Rubber Stamps, which 
was held November 1995 at Stamp Art Gallery in San Francisco. All Stamps were manufactured by Stamp Francisco Inc., 
466 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.
Stamps designs by: Feelisch/Ken Friedman, Chuck Welch, Picasso Gaglione, Steve Random, Luce Fierens, and Ed Varney. 

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