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Unveiled: Voices of Women in Afghanistan

March 4th – May 1st

New York, NY – Stendhal Gallery and The Rebuilding Afghanistan Foundation proudly present a solo exhibition of renowned photographer Harriet Logan. Logan’s new series explores the gender apartheid of the Afghanistan region under the Taliban rule. Her images take you on an emotional ride or truth. These recordings are a testament to the humanity, revealing a century of hate, despair and hopelessness. Logan shows us are mistakes for what they really are, something we just can’t hide anymore.

Logan’s compelling and powerful black-and-white images captivate and enthrall you into a state of awareness. Logan further explores the Afghan region by making a series of color photographs dealing with the destruction and devastation the Afghani people have faced. This group of remarkably stirring images will be on display in the project room. Logan will be showcasing a video consisting of footage of the region and a look behind the scenes of Logan’s heroic journey.

Part of the proceeds of this exhibition will be donated to The Rebuilding Afghanistan Foundation.

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