Table of Contents

An Anthology

Table of Contents

Chance Operations, Concept Art, Anti-Art, Indeterminacy, Improvisation, Meaningless Work, Natural Disasters
Stories, Diagrams, Music, Dance Constructions, Compositions, Plans of Action, Mathmatics, Poetry, Essays

La Monte Young: Editor
George Maciunas: Designer
By George Brecht, Claus Bremer, Earle Brown, Joseph Byrd, John Cage, David Degener, Walter De Maria, Henry Flynt, Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Terry Jennings Dennis, Ding Dong, Ray Johnson, Jackson Mac Low, Richard Maxfield, Malka Safro, Simone Forti, Nam June Paik, Terry Riley, Diter Rot, James Waring, Emmet Williams, Christ Ian Wolff, La Monte Young-Editor- George Maciunas-Designer, 1963

Essay by John Held Jr.

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