Picasso Gaglione’s creation of box sets has continued unabated since the late 1980’s.  These box sets pay homage to the famous FLUX POST KIT 7 created by George Maciunas in a limited edition in 1967, but are unique and faithful only to Picasso’s personal vision.

He produces every set individually. Each box concept develops from some unique idea or a little known fact gleaned from his art research on Dadaists, Fluxists, and contemporary mail artists.  It may or may not relate to rubberstamp activity but usually has some element of stamping in it.  Some sets pay homage to artists that he admires.  Some capture a moment in art history or document the activity of an artist who has caught his attention.  Each set is assembled carefully by hand.  The choice of the box may inspire a piece so the boxes vary with each set.

The structure of the set is usually, but not always, similar.  Each box set has a theme. Once Picasso has decided on the theme he designs a unique label for each box. He may decide to include a small explanatory booklet with the set.   He creates each booklet and label by hand stamping every letter of every word with individual rubber stamp letters. He often uses stamps from one of the many antique stamp sets he has collected over the years. Some of the earlier sets have a printed and typed descriptive label but sets produced since 1998 contain labels and booklets, which have been entirely hand stamped.

Each box set usually contains a sheet of artist stamps- perforated like postage stamps.  Gaglione perforates these postage sheets himself on his antique perforator. In the manner of Maciunas, he may also create unique postcards for each set.  Every set contains a rubber stamp or several that he has designed and produced himself.

When he is assembling the boxes he often remembers to sign, date and number them.   Most often he forgets.   Each set is a limited edition but the number of each edition is flexible to the point of whimsy.

The box sets are the most disciplined expression of the art that Picasso creates spontaneously.  The box sets comprise all aspects of his artwork: rubber stamps, artist stamps, book design, communication and construction but are never formulaic or repetitious. They are treasure boxes of art secrets revealed.

Darlene Domel

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