Ghosts Before Breakfast (1927-28) – Hans Richter

Ghosts Before Breakfast (1927-28),

Hans Richter. Silent. B&W

7 min.
German born artist and filmmaker Hans Richter believed it was the responsibility of the artist to reveal truth and beauty through art. Ghosts Before Breakfast reveals this philosophy in which Richter, through his artistic vision, reexamines aspects of our everyday reality. At once, the work discloses Richter’s interests in Dada and Surrealism presenting a series of illogical images – a man’s bowtie magically moves and unties itself, men’s beards grow and then disappear, bowler hats fly around in the air, and men vanish behind a pole. Richter explains, “Objects are also people and [they] follow their own laws” – “the rhythm of the clock.” Order is returned once the clock strikes noon and objects assume their proper functions. The film premiered at the International Music Festival, Baden-Baden.

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