Ken Friedman


Born September 19, 1949 in New London, Connecticut

1964 decided to be a Unitarian minister

1965 California Western University in Point Loma

1965 transfers to Shimer College

1965 makes Open and Shut Case: matchbox covered with paper. Outside covered with paper and printed with words “Open Me”, inside is printed “Shut me quick.” Dick Higgins encourages Friedman to bring the box to a meeting with George Maciunas, which Higgins arranged. Maciunas asks Friedman to join Fluxus.

1966 performs “Mandatory Happening” at Shimer College, Mt. Carroll Illinois. Met Dick Higgins when the young Friedman contacted him for material about a radio show he ran at his college. Started to do radio programs about Fluxus artists such as Higgins, Ray johnson, Alison Knowles, Nam June Paik

1966 First solo exhibition in New York

1970-1971 General Manager, Something Else Press, New York and California.

1971 receives Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at San Francisco State University

Assistant Director, de Benneville Pines, Angelus Oaks, California.

1976 receives Ph.D. in Graduate School of Human Behavior, United States International University. Leadership and human behavior. Honors in organizational management and behavior.

Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in Contemporary Art, San Diego.

Centennial Fellow, University of Nebraska.

1979-1981 Executive Editor, National Arts Guide, Chicago and New York.

President and Publisher, The Art Economist Corporation, New York.

1987 Visiting designer, Oy Wärtsila Ab Arabia, Helsinki.

King Olav V Fellow, American Scandinavian Foundation.

1988-1989 Visiting artist and critic, Henie-Onstad Art Center, Oslo, Norway.

1989-1994 Independent consultant in design and organizational management, Oslo.

1994-2004 Associate professor, Norwegian School of Management, Oslo.

1995 – 1999 Director of the Nordic Center for Innovation at the Norwegian School of Management School of Marketing

2000-2004 Visiting professor, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Visiting professor, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

2003 Design Research Center, Denmark’s Design School, Copenhagen.

2004 Professor, Norwegian School of Management, Oslo.

2006 Fellow of the Design Research Society

2007 D.Sc., honoris causa, 2007. Loughborough University. For outstanding contributions to design research.

2008 Dean, Swinburne Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.


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